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Advance Guard®

Advance Guard® pressure treated lumber products are for use in above ground weather protected structural framing in residential and commercial projects, or applications requiring wood protected against termites, carpenter ants, fungal decay, and dry rot.

The Benefits of Advance Guard® Treated Wood

Advance Guard® Enviromental Certifications

Advance Guard Pressure Treated Wood technology has been approved for points toward National Green Building Certification to the ICC 700-2008 National Green Building Standard. View our certification.

Advance Guard® End Uses

Advance Guard® Borate Pressure Treated Lumber is recommended for sill plate, furring strips, joists, studs, roof trusses, blocking, rafters, beams, and other framing applications. Advance Guard® Borate Pressure Treated Lumber is also recommended for fascia, trim, and miscellaneous wood applications, when properly protected from the weather (refer to limitations).

Advance Guard® Borate Pressure Treated Plywood is recommended for wall sheathing, roof sheathing, and sub-floors, where not exposed to wetting conditions. Advance Guard® Pressure Treated Wood is accepted by the IBC and IRC under AWPA-C31 and National Evaluation Report NER 648. It may be used for above ground sill plates and other interior, above ground applications as required by the IBC and IRC.

Advance Guard® MSDS

Download the Advance Guard® SDS.

For more information on Advance Guard® treated wood products please visit Koppers Performance Chemicals.